Sunday, May 4, 2008

“Pencils, Pens & Geomentry Boxes”

Manaku LKG ninchi 2nd class varaku raskodaniki pencils daily class lo icchevaru… Avi anni kuda oka iron pencil box lo undevi… Aa pencil box kuda pensil shape lo undedi… 1st period lo Mana class teacher prathi student ki oka pensil, prathi bench ki oka Eraser icchevaru… Malli last period lo teesukoni aa pencil box lo pettevaru… Manam yenno pencils, erasers pareskunnam… Manam chinnappudu Eraser ni rubber ani pilichevallam…
4th class aipoyi 5th class lo join ainappudu mana santosham intha antha kadu… Endukante manam pens use chese stage ki vaccham… 5th & 6th class lo manam use chesina pens., Reynolds, Bril & 1 Rupee use & throw pens… Red pen tho questions, Blue or Black pen tho answer raasevallam… Mana pens, pencils, eraser, scale manam plastic box lo pettukinevallam… Kontha mandi box open cheyalante pallatho (teeths) teesevallu… 6th & 7th class lo manam use chesina pens., Rotomac, Rotorite, Luxor Pilot Pen, Ink pens etc… Inka 7th final exams ki 2,3 pens teeskelle vallam…
7th class lo Reynolds Jetter ki craze vacchindi… 15 Rupees daani cost… Inka 8th nunchi Montex, Cello inka yevevo kottha varieties vacchesai… Manam 7th nunchi goementry box use chaidam start chesam… Manam 1st use chesina company., Natraj & Natraj Classic… Class perige koddi manchi brand konadam start chesam Camel, Omega, Stylo etc… Pakkana unna vallani "orey Na compass loose ga undi needi ivvara" ani adagatam… Manam pockets lo pettukunna pen ink kakkatam.., ivanni marchipolem kada? Manam 7th & 8th lo unnappudu pedda almost andaram pedda scales konnam… Aa scale lo ne Madhya lo protractor, left side 3 circles (different sizes), right side na oka triangle, oka square, oka star undevi… Gurthunda??? Aa scale pink, green, yellow, blue ila different colours lo dorikevi…
Chinnappudu time tondarga vellipovali anipinchedi… Kani ippudu yeppatiki chinna pillaluga unte bagundu anipistundi… School Days… Chala Lovable Days kada?
---Mohammad Arfat Ali Shaik.

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  1. Till the time I N'joyed in school[1st standard], Soon after the school, I used to sharp the pencils in office room with the bench mounted machine[sharpener], and put them in box.

    Played with magnets, the ones which were used as name plate letters are affixed with magnets from behind, we used to detach them and collect magnetite in the sands infront of classroom, till ramu[driver ramudu] comes for pickup

    I remember all the days of competitive driver to school by bus[Mastan & Ramu],

    remember the trip to vijayawada Planetorium, Gurudwar, Krishna River.

    Hey those days were awesome.
    I don't feel for not having them now, coz, I feel that I am one of the luckiest person to have N'joyed 3 years in HMK School [LKG-1st class]

    Hail Hynkel to HMK, Kulwant Kaur Mam(My first and best love)