Wednesday, August 8, 2007

2005 June 17th na manamantha kalisina roju.

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  1. dear u hav doine a very good job it was really nice to c that u r missin g u school and those memorable days i dont know u all remember me i had told u in ur 10h class school and and school friends r just like first love never can be forgotten first love ante andharu pallan ammaiyi pallana abbayyi antaru kani for every human being first lov ante ne school nana
    god bless u all and all be so intact as ur for the next life of urs as humans because gfood friendsand good friendship cannot be bought but it sdhould be always watered with love and aaffection
    i am really very prouc that u al;l r our products god bless u all
    meena miss and vasant sir